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I have loved things Country and Western all of my life. I have loved the ranches and farms, the work, the fields, the barns, livestock, and the food. I was born and raised in Kentucky where I learned to ride and care for horses. Most of my family lived on farms and/or were livestock producers. I have raised various livestock and poultry over the years.I have sold livestock feed and minerals in two states. My big hats and boots are only an outward manifestation of the country life I hold dear to my heart. With the help of rhyme or short story, in recipes or photos, I make an effort in this blog to put into words my day to day observations of all things rural; the things that I see and hear, from under my hat. All poems and short stories, unless noted otherwise, are authored by me. I hope you enjoy following along.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Autumn Hints

It's there in the chilly morning air,
In the cobalt blue of the sky so fair,
In cotton candy clouds everywhere,
...and there is something more.

In the seeding flowers all around,
The leaves of corn edging brown,
Rows of pumpkins on the ground,
and the garden stock to store.

It's little things I hear and see.
Like cicadas calling in the trees,
The hurried flight of the bumble bees,
That makes me know for sure.

Certainly summer days are not yet o'er
And there's heat and dog days still in store.
Oh,this wondrous day is just a teaser sure,
To remind me that Autumn... is worth the waiting for.

KL Dennie 2017